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Thanks for stopping by Anna Williams Nutrition Blog. I have always been a foodie of sorts growing up starting to cook at the age of nine. Love all kinds of food categories and will try just about anything once. Just didn’t realize till recently that the food I love has to work in concert with movement and exercise.

This gave me the opportunity to be part of a very exciting period when things were changing really fast online. So, I have found a way to talk about health and nutrition being a caregiver, to get my voice heard. I have seen things come and go, but one of the things that’s stuck around without changing too much is blogging.

Nutrition never was a factor in my life until I had children and started my career of being a Certified Nurse Assistant/Caregiver that seems to leave me sitting a lot and wondering how to lose the excess weight that was being gained by sitting waiting on the next thing I needed to do for a patient or client after 30 year’s or more.

People love to share their thoughts and ideas, and other people love to read them. Since then, blogging has become an unstoppable movement, inspiring women and men to find their voices and turn their passions into content, community and commerce, attracting some of the web’s best talent and top social sites, in topics from online business, food, fashion to politics and parenting.

So, I basically put this blog together mainly for myself to help me figure out how to balance a healthy lifestyle with working in the medical field of Caregiving where you are stagnant of exercise because of time frame issues of being there for the person your in charge of taking care of.

I already knew that eating is a way that I take care of my body, an act of self care. We tend to connect with food because that’s part of human nature, through food and eating, we are able to celebrate and honor our culture. As human beings, our minds are automatically fixed to seek pleasure in eating. For these reasons, and so many more, I have learned that nutrition can’t be found in a list of what you should and shouldn’t eat, it’s healthy eating habits with exercise that do it!

In the news and at the doctors office, they tell us about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods and complicated diets that require hard to stick to calculations, but eating for nutrition is actually quite simple. My goal is to help you and I recognize that nourishing your body with satisfying, nutritious whole foods can be an easy part of your life, while still enjoying the foods that are meant simply for pleasure.

Eating well shouldn’t leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Hunger is a way that our human bodies to tell us it needs more energy. Satisfaction and pleasure from eating delicious food can and should be goals of healthy eating.

My goal in my blog is to help myself and people nourish a healthier relationship with food and fitness to learn to take care of their body, rather than punish it. It’s my prayer that my post helps anyone that visits understand that food can contribute to your quality of life by fueling your body to live a longer, healthier life that brings you happiness and adds to the quality of your life and mine.

My hope is that you find my articles helpful and interesting enough to come back to visit again. Look for my healthy life changing post on my new way of life coming soon. See you soon!